Note from our founder: We are The Institute of Super-Species Research and Experimentation, who we call ISSRE. And for those of you who are not yet familiar with the work of ISSRE, we are a group of specialists who engage with strange and miraculous beasts. We base many of our methods on pre-enlightenment ancient and medieval modes of thought and symbolism because we believe that in looking to the past, we can help create alternatives for the future. We believe that ancient and medieval beasts MAY provide evolutionary paths to help humans adapt, dare I say, thrive, within extreme weather conditions on an earth that may no longer support human physiology.  On that note, I'd like to introduce my colleagues and distinguished team members:

Laura Bernstein, Founder

Pseudoscientist ER87

ER87 is a Volcanologist and Geophysicist with a certificate in Plinian Evacuation Training and implementation as well as Bosnian 4D Mapping. She leads cognitive awareness courses for understanding the “Critical Zone” : how to prepare, respond and react to changes in the Earth’s atmosphere one breath at a time. Over 7k followers on LinkdIN.

Pseudoscientist ER87 (excerpt) from LRB on Vimeo.

P.T. Trainer

To say that P.T. Trainer is an adventurer would be an understatement. She has been carried on the tips of Panotti’s flying ears and has racedwith a fleet of Sciapode during a blizzard. P.T. Trainer is the founder of Motion-Movement Methods for Creature Companions, working at the intersection of entertainment, spectacle, protection, detection and behavior modification.

P.T Trainer (excerpt) from LRB on Vimeo.


Philosopher and method biographer, Pliny has devoted her life’s work and study to embodying the Roman Statesman and Navel Commander Pliny the Elder. Pliny will premier her Encyclopedic Sound Score: Audible Tracings: from Pliny the Elder’s Natural History 78 AD (2019) which transcribes the vocal expression of ancient and medieval beasts.

Pliny (excerpt) from LRB on Vimeo.

costume by Laura Bernstein

Clairvoyant and interpreter of images received in the form of visions. Her collection, Visions of the Strange and Miraculous (1111 CE), unravels moral symbolism embedded within ancient and medieval texts. Her explorations focus on natural phenomena, both geologic and planetary as they relate to otherworldly creatures. Versed in the ancient art of falconry, she regularly performs her work with her winged companion Hildegard.

MP16C (excerpt) from LRB on Vimeo.

image credit: XYZ
Hybrid SP

HSP is an amalgamation. Called by the Greeks "shade-footed ones," and hailing from "All-Ears Islands," HSP is super- species, existing as ancient icon and future solution. HSP is currently undergoing Reverse Role Playing Reversal with P.T. Trainer.

Hybrid S.P. (excerpt) from LRB on Vimeo.


ET87 is a field recorder and illustrator for ISSRE, who specializes in Bio Chakra and Evolutionary Anatomy Painting.
ET87 has won the Audubon-NYE-Borges, “Being" award for plien-air painting.              

Their physicality references French biologist Jean-Baptiste de Monet Lamarck's theory from Philisphie Zoologique (1809), that acquired traits are inheritable, a favorite example being the necks of giraffes gradually elongating as generations stretched to reach higher leaves.  These forms blur the line between the domestic and wild as they combine images of the past with speculations of the future.