Supernumerary NipplesSN has been documented since Roman times as Artemis of Ephesus and was featured in legends prior to that time. Faithful to no one but self. The evolution of SN is attributed to increased femininity and fertility. Their breasts not only
distract predators from their uteruses, but also prevent fertilization by trapping unwelcome sperm in their mammary glands.

Shakespeare HornySH experiences perpetual itch.  To find relief SH thrusts against thick grasses. In Shakespeare’s work, men whose wives were unfaithful grew horns due to sexual frustration. Made a fool from infidelity.

Gluteus Maximus Invertus GM invertus, a giant swollen bum with carbuncle, usually
seen on all fours. GM prefers to live in rocky areas, as a protective measure, so bum might be mistaken for rock. GM’s character most resembles goat, with Bacchus-like behavior. Perpetually dehydrated.

Arthropod Mare
Am feeds by filtering particles from the water using its modified scaly leg. AM has no internal organs and at night, it glows with light. Its body is capable of squeezing through the width of its central face hole. AM filters
the infected seaweed that lines the seashores and is used as a binding agent in most processed foods.

The Sciapode Mono-pod or Umbrella Foot. Their single foot extends from the center of its body acting as a shield protecting it from the sun. It is known that the Sciapode has a
weakness for tomatoes. The smell alone can bring it to a state of arousal.

The enlarged surface area of Panotti's ears helps regulate body temperature.
Flapping their ears keeps them cooler for longer, or conversely, in extremely cold weather their ears have the capacity to act as blankets to shield their body against the chills of the night.

MH is ambidextrous. Its giant hand extends from elbows that are fused and function as one unit. The hand is heavy and takes great discipline to raise. They use their fingers as net. Has charge over GM invertus.

Prehistoric Birdhas wings but cannot fly. Stands 10 feet tall.

Training Day

Training Grounds from LRB on Vimeo.

2018, single-channel HD video 14:35 min.
Documentation from Training Day at Floyd Bennett Field. Video incorporates audio recordings of twentieth-century psychologists and behaviorists, including B.F. Skinner, Harry Harlow, sexual educators, and news broadcasters. The video serves as a document introducing another order of animal: genetically modified super-humans performing the role of pseudo-scientist by probing, measuring, and testing “lower” creatures. Their efforts suggest a quest to capture, control, and deploy their biological findings to ensure their own survival, but the creatures also seem to perform tests of their own.

Tomatoa shape shifting nightshade fruit consumed as vegetable. The smell alone lures. Though In the Middle Ages, The tomato was thought poisonous because the acidity levels were so high they burned through the pewter plates on which tomatoes were most commonly served.