While some of our resident scholars would place the initiation of this organization and its subjects as early as 200 A.D., ISSRE was in fact founded in 2015 by a group of concerned pseudo-scientists and their increasingly self-aware subjects who were all committed to the study and development of the super-species. At ISSRE, we have multiple branches of research, with an inter-species staff, dedicated to the preservation and survival of both super-species and the humans and humanoids who love them.



(Thanksgiving) Rumors reported first sightings of creature-like species in the rocky, damp fields of Connecticut 

Super-species II Excerpt from LRB on Vimeo.


(June) The foot of the Sciapode, a canopy of flesh, was spotted arching above the tall spring grasses of woody Westchester, New York

(July–August) Confirmed Sightings Captured on film at Lighthouse Works Residency

Super-species Intro from LRB on Vimeo.

(September) Once notified, ISSRE gathers to commence research and establish desired outcomes for experimentation procedures


2016–2017 (November- March) ISSRE scientist teams respond to sighting alerts, and begin to capture the creatures and observe them

(April 8th) Training Day. ISSRE team and creatures commence cross training and open the training camp
(June) First Public Exposition. Pannotti, Bird + AM = seabird and SN, at Geary Contemporary Gallery, “Material Mythos”

Panotti, Forest from LRB on Vimeo.

Prehistoric Bird and AM = SeaBird from LRB on Vimeo.

Super-Numerary Nipples (SN) from LRB on Vimeo.

(June) The Bronx Museum of the Arts displays reproduction of a molted shell Sciapode based on remains discovered within the grottos of Pompeii preserved from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius 79AD
Part of: Bronx Calling: The Fourth AIM Biennial,  curated by Christine Licata, Aylet Ojeda Jequin, and Heather Reyes, Bronx Museum of Art, Bronx, NY


(September) Demonstrations. ISSRE presents its findings from training camp and early super-species experiments from the laboratory in Chicago

(SH) Hoop Jump I, 3:20 HD video (color, sound) from LRB on Vimeo.

Word to the Wise, ACRE projects Space, curated by Ann Meisinger, Chicago, IL

(October) Education ISSRE Scientist, L*R*B delivers public presentation and lectures undergraduate design students on the research and findings of ISSRE in hopes of recruitment

(October-November) Panotti exposed. Video documentation and early experiments presented at Anytime Dept. Cincinnati, OH

(October---March) Panotti, Sciapode, and GM Invertus remains, found at Vesuvius, go on display in Brooklyn NY. Snow insinuates itself upon the creature remains, reminding us of the layers of ash that congealed, preserving human casts of ancient Roman bodies.  2017  Past Myth, Future Form, ART LOT, outdoor sculpture show with Anna Tsouhlarakis.         Curated by Aimee Burg and Natalia Zubko, Brooklyn, NY

(December) ZAZ10TS, New York, NY.  An international consortium of artists has taken over a new billboard at the corner of 41st St and Broadway. The first in a series of initiatives by producer Tzili Charney, “24:7” is a round-the-clock video art performance testing the power of the medium to meaningfully engage the public. ISSRE displays its Bestiary to thousands  

24_7 Laura Bernstein -A Bestiary- Video (web) from LRB on Vimeo.


(April) Becoming Beast exposition of new generation of ⅓ inch scale creatures bred and born at ISSRE training camp and laboratory : Nurtureart solo show: Becoming Beast, April 13th, 2018 Becoming Beast, NurtureArt, Brooklyn, NY, April 13th--May 6th

Becoming Beast (excerpt) from LRB on Vimeo.

(May-June) Bestial Field Recordings: 2015-2018, is on display at Lighthouse Works Residency. Fishers Island residents are exposed to diverse ranges of species with adaptive mutations that might otherwise remain invisible had they not been captured on film  

2017-2018 New Super Species developed. Thanks to a studio grant from Sharpe-Walentas, ISSRE and team were able to successfully produce a series of new hybrid creatures, Lamarckism BRIC Biennial Volume III: South Brooklyn Edition, The Impossible Possible, curated by Elizabeth Ferrer andJenny Gerow, BRIC House, Brooklyn, NY 


(March) First Pseudo-scientific Performance and Circus. ISSRE team shares its pioneering work in the world of scientific performance and entertainment at BRIC Biennial and is supported by the Franklin Furnace Fund. BRIC Biennial Volume III: South Brooklyn Edition, The Impossible Possible, curated by Elizabeth Ferrer and Jenny Gerow, BRIC House, Brooklyn, NY